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We have deep & formidable stock and the highest lumber technology.
We offer the top quality Hattori Company lumber at reasonable prices.

Direct import of timber and lumber; good quality wood

“The process of seeking good materials” Every piece of Hattori Solid Wood, Mr. Hattori Masaaki talks about.

“Every tree is unique, and each tree’s best point can be brought out in the sawing”

The truth of the timber shop

that even timber stores don’t know

We have an abundant selection of carefully chosen wood from the production areas of Japan and the world.

In the Hattori shop, which conducts direct sales of wood selected carefully in the production areas of Japan and the world, We realized outstanding cost performance by the combination of direct and manufacturing retailers. From the beginners to experienced users, we have an amazing number of timber products that can meet the needs of a wide range of users. We will arrange the best quality of solid wood that can be used for various purposes in detail, and we will deliver it to users all over Japan at a price that is very reasonable.

For solid wood, leave it to Hattori shop.

For solid wood, leave it to Hattori shop.

Solid single plate timber flat plate, DIY hobby, housing related

What wonderful things shall we make from our amazing selection of woods?

Solid single plate, square material, flat plate


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DIY, hobby-related products


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Housing related products


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Flat List


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Square material list


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List by tree type


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Sales of superlative natural products, Kiso Hinoki launched

We launched sales of superlative natural products “Kiso Hinoki”.
There are various sizes from thick plate to thin plate.
Please have a look.

Sorry, I can not tell you this scent by writing.

Kiso Hinoki - product page

Product page list of Hinoki wood

Bubinga’s ultra-high-end counter material “buffing”

We finished “buffing” to refine further Bubinga’s ultra-high-end store counter material.
Buffing is a process of polishing the surface by applying abrasive grains to a buff a soft material and pressing the buff against the surface while rotating.
“Buff finish” is given to make a hard ultra-high-quality Bubinga finish to bring out a natural and beautiful luster.

Bubinga's ultra-high-end counter buffers buff finish

Bubinga’s ultra-high-end counter buffers buff finish